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We know love and sex and friendship and, well, just about any relationship in your life can be complicated. That’s why we’ve rounded up some of the best relationship advice and tips we could find to help you out.

When Your Partner Says, “I Don’t Love You Any More…”

A reader asks: My boyfriend and I have dating for over four years, and we act more like best friends than lovers. Sex is predictable, infrequent and passionless. I wish we could have what we used to but my friends are saying this is normal. Is it possible for us to falling love again, or is this the best I can expect if we stay together?

Answer: It is a commonly held belief that love dwindles as time passes – but that doesn’t mean its true. Love changes the longer you’ve been together, but it doesn’t have to die out completely.Just like it didn’t take you and your boyfriend a few days to fall in love, it didn’t take you a few days to fall out of love either. It took time, neglect, lack of prioritization of the relationship, conflict resolution skills, and a lack of interest in learning and applying what your partner needs to keep things fresh, fun and passionate. Combine these factors over a few months, or even years, and its no surprise that you’ve gone from being lovers to feeling like you’re just really great room mates or friends.

How To Fall In Love All Over Again With Breathing Exercises

imageWhether you’ve been together two weeks, two years, or two decades, sometimes you want to feel more intimately connected to your partner and have the rush of falling in love all over again. Yet few of us were taught the skills needed to connect with another person, much less rekindle love.Using a concept shared by Robert Epstein, Ph.D. in an article he wrote for the January/February 2010 edition of Scientific American Mind, you’ll learn how to fall in love all over again with your partner using a simple breathing technique.Continue Reading Below.

Time Required: Five minutes

Props Required: None Space Needed: Quiet, dim, without fear of interruption

Clothing: Whatever you feel comfortable

Step One: Begin by looking your partner in the eye and letting him or her know that you want to spend a few minutes together and need their undivided attention. Do whatever the both of you need to get comfortable, whether that’s dimming the lights, changing your clothes, having a drink of water or just sitting down.

Step Two: Tell your partner you’d like to hug for five minutes, and during that time you want to try and synchronize your breathing so that the both of you are inhaling and exhaling at the same time.Realize that you might burst into a fit of giggles – this is normal – and accept that if its been a while since your partner and you felt like you were falling in love that this might be uncomfortable for one or both of you. Say it out loud if you feel the need.

Step Three: Set a timer for five minutes. Smile at your partner, and then hug him or her making sure that your bodies are in line so that you are essentially pressed up against each other. If you do what I call the “A-frame hug” where one or both of you are throwing your hips back so that less of your bodies are touching, the exercise won’t be as effective.

Step Four : Hug each other for a full five minutes, trying to match each other’s breathing rates and depth. You’ll know when you’ve found your groove because the hug will shift and feel differently than it did at the start. Don’t be afraid to laugh, cry or giggle if the mood strikes you – with some people this fall in love exercise can be very emotional.

Step Five : When your five minutes are up, slowly detach and sit down facing each another. Share individually how you felt during the hug, and investigate whether or not the hug changed how you feel about your partner, and vice versa.
What Now?Some partners find that one hug rekindles love, whereas for others it takes a bit more time. Spend a week together practicing this fall in love hug every day, and notice how by week’s end your mood towards each other.

How To Improve Your Relationship?


Tips that may help you improve your relationship and be better prepared to meet the challenges along the way include:

1. Without quality time, your relationship will not survive. Carve out at least half an hour a night, and at least one day a month when you the two of you spend time exclusively together.

2. You will both need security, comfort. A good relationship is built on compromise and a great deal of give and take on both sides.

3. Keep your dependence and independence in balance. Tell and show your partner how much you need him, but don’t cling, as that can make your partner feel trapped.

4. Encourage him to listen to you, by showing appreciation when he does. By the same token, show interest when he talks to you. Be aware that most men aren’t mentally programmed for conversation in the way women are. They need more silence and internal time.

5. Make him appreciate you. Don’t wait for a spontaneous compliment, but say something good about yourself and ask for his agreement.

6. Teach him, preferably early in your relationship, exactly how to give you a fail-safe orgasm because it’s unlikely he’ll find out alone. If you don’t yet know yourself, find out.

7. Learn to do the one thing that is most likely to restore good feeling in your relationship – giving your partner a genuine, loving and approving smile.

8. Often those subtle quirks that first attracted you to your partner can, with time, turn around and become toe-curling annoying habits. Learn to love him.

9. Hidden resentments poison a relationship; so if something bothers you, say it. Remember that while men are wary of emotional conversations, they love to find solutions. Express your problem and then ask him to help you find the answer.

10. Learn that punishing your partner won’t work. It may make you feel better to give him a hard time, but it will actually make him dig his heels in more. A better tactic is to reward the things you like and ignore what you don’t like.

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