Why Should A Man Get Married

                                        Before a man decides to tie the
knock there are so many thing she tries to put into consideration

imageWhy has the society decided use a man’s marital status as one of the most important indices of measuring his responsibility level? marriage is all about choice, a man can choose to remain single, if that is what he thinks will be profitable to his life and still be responsible to his fellow men and society in general. The society makes it to look somehow dirty, when a man refuses to get married (particularly when he is over 30 years old) why that is? I don’t understand. The decision to remain single or married, I believe should be left to the prerogative of  male concerned.

In Africa, the phenomenon is more pronounced. parents will not allow a man an inch of breathing space once he is above twenty five years old and the barging increases geometrically as the age increases.

Sincerely, does a man actually have anything to be afraid of? The shout of yes! is resoundingly clear and echoed  around the globe. Normally before a man decides to tie the knock,there are so many things he tries to put into consideration. His thought takes him from the ordinary face valued to the deepest factor, what ifs? Is it the right time? is she the right one? Can I? All these and many others run rings in his brain and each time he  is confronted with the question, he will have his buts as answers for his critics

newwebannerWhy should a man not be reluctant, you must first of all consider the arduous task of choosing miss right, depending on the number of them you have to choose from, that settled a man begins to look at his purse, the dent that will be bored into his earning by the wedding on the one hand and the marriage

That is, the living together on the other. Can he actually make do or accommodate the extra load without crumbling along the way? I know here, most women liberation will say, the marriage is not solely dependent on the income of the man, but the actual truth is that a man never worries about the future until he get a wife, whilst a woman worries about the future until  she gets husband. You don’t ask me if I believe it! of importance also is the attitudinal change, the hanging-out  with the boyz, how much he will have to give up and still retain his identity.

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Brother, take all the time you need to decide, but don’t take eternity at least for the sake of mother eve.

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