5 Things To Know If  your guy Is Not Serious.

image1.Double dating- Any man who is not committed to you alone can’t be said to be serious for marriage with you .If he indulges in double dating. he is never serious with you, stop the relationship before you are destroyed. think it deeply, he can not marry two people at the same time, either he dumps you heart broken and marry the other, or dump the other heart broken and marry you. At times he may end up not marring any of you. it is a sign of unseriousness

2.Sexual pressures When a man is hungry of a lady sexually ,the easiest way to get that lady is to propose to marry her. Ladies should get this clear, that a man proposed to marry you does not mean he has married you ,so, you as a lady should try not to start living with him as if you were married already, otherwise you will allow him have what he wanted out of you with ease, be satisfied with you and forget you. Any man who means marriage with you and is serious about it will not like to defile you through sex outside of wedlock. He would be patient with you till you are legally married before God and man sex is never a means to show him that you love him. He may tell you to show him that you love him by consenting to his sexual pressure when he is desperately in need of sex.It is not true at all, that you wouldn’t feel the urge to have sex with you guy once you are in deep love relationship you are definitely going to have the urge. it is normal, but it will pay you better to control your feeling and wait until you are married before sex.
It is a big lie that a man will love you more once he has sex with you, no matter how good you may be  on bed.

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3.Fault finding-Any man who is always finding faults in you may never be serious to marry you. Be careful never to be deceived.Fault finding may be a means of finding a way to push you out of his way. Get it clearer any man that faults almost everything you do, can be looking for excuses to quit from your relationship. Therefore you need to X-ray his motives. Ask question and find possible wise answer.

signageads4.CommunicationThis is unifying  factor for a successful relationship that can culminate in marriage .The more you and your life partner commune or interact with each other, the closer you become. Any man who is serious for marriage would love to share his dreams, plans, beliefs, opinions feelings and values with you. He would have to communicate freely or openly with you. Do not forget this ‘Diminishing communication is a sign of a decline relationship, infact no communication, no successful relationship and marriage. His communication with you must be cordial,and polite, otherwise  something is wrong somewhere .I enjoy you watch out in this situation. if he is the one that closes you out, never ever wanting to communicate or interact with you expect when he wants to pressure you for sex,know that he is never serious for marriage.

5.HonestThere is no relationship that will succeed in the long run if it is built on lies, if he is not honest to you, then he is never serious to marry you, so, considering quitting  the relationship early enough so as never to be delayed. Any relationship that will succeed and give joy and satisfaction to those involved, requires some level of honest. if you find out that the man who propose you is not sincere and truthful about his past and everything that may be of interest to relationship, it points to the fact that he is not serious for marriage.

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