imageIn this article, we discuss 10 basic things ladies must do to avoid used and dumped in a relationship.

As you know that your happiness and fulfillment in life is partly a function of your marriage if at all you dare to marry in life. And relationship culminates in marriage.So be careful to X- ray any relationship you may be in or you may want to enter into.And also define the principles to follow in achieving a successful relationship that will lead to Successful Matrimonial Home.

The belief of many ladies nowadays is that men are not serious with relationship and different kind of names are given to them as “hit and run”, “chop and clean mouth” e.t.c.Even with this, many ladies still fall prey into men’s trap.If you are privileged to practice these following principles you will never fall again.

A lot of ladies are usually deceived by cunning men who would just propose to marry them only to have them satisfy their sexual desires and dump them.

1.Avoid sex before marriage Do not act as if you were already married until you are married some ladies thought that if they refuse to yield to the sexual demands of their guys, the guys will begin to feel that they are not loved. Because of this, they will rush into sex with their guys as if that is the only means available for them to express their love. I want ladies to know, if they are not aware before that after sex, the love a guy has for a lady usually diminishes. if the guy succeed in getting you so cheap in sex, he will feel that is how you are so cheap to other men and right from that day, the love he has for you will become weak and weaker until he is satisfied totally with you and dump you, Sex is a holy act of love only for the married.

2.Build up self Esteem How you feel about yourself especially your character and ability, determines greatly how you would love to relate with people. if you feel bad about yourself or have a feeling of pity for yourself, especially because of something unfair that has happened to you, it will make you antisocial and unhappy, you will then find it difficult to float with people. No guy want to marry any lady who is not social enough to relate with people freely.

elinksms banner3.Build-up your qualities Try to build- up your qualities that will make you attractive always to your guy and easy to love.Don’t be old fashioned or remain in the old school, try always to dress modestly with decent and lovely. No guy would love to keep any lady that he will not be proud of to present to his friends in a relationship that could lead to life long relationship. you must look young and lovely to attract a guy and keep your relationship safe of disappointment.

4.Be Respectful Have the sense that every one has a right to be treated with respect. then treat not only your guy but everyone that comes across you in life with respect, you must respect people to make yourself respectable. No guy would love to marry any lady who doesn’t respect people and whom people would not respect as well. If you don’t respect people I don’t think that people will respect you.

5.Be honest Every man loves to marry an honest lady, just as every lady loves to marry an honest man.therefore,be honest to your guy if you don’t want him to be dishonest to you. To be honest means always telling the truth, and say never to stealing or cheating. If you don’t want your guy to dump you for another lady, always give your guy your honest feelings about anythings,honest answers to any questions he may ask you from time to time and honest opinions, remember that nothing is hidden under the sun.

6.Don’t be too demanding Some ladies made themselves too expensive to maintain. When you are too demanding your guy may be scared that his mega salary may not be enough for him to satisfy you and plan some other things if he should marry you. Learn not to be too demanding if you want to avoid used and dumped in your relationship.

7.True love Make sure your guy have real love for you before you go into relationship or start dating each other.Don’t be infatuated with any man, and try not to settle with infatuation or what I may call pseudo-love,because,if the love he has for you is not genuine ,one day when he finds his real love ,the false love will go. if you don’t want any man to break your heart through disappointment in relationship or marriage, make sure there is real love and not infatuation in your relationship.

8.Always control your emotions Try always to control your thought,choice,decision,and argument.Don’t be harsh on guys as if you want lord things over them in your relationship, it is natural to argue over some matters or issues, but when you see that your argument is capable of causing fighting and quarreling,drop it with humanity.Learn to tolerate your guy’s behavior and opinion.

9.Be Appreciative It is natural and normal to give gifts during relationship. Whatever your guy is able to give to you, appreciate it no matter how small it may be. Don’t be ungrateful person. Always express your gratitude to him for his kindness and love towards you. Learn also to give good gifts to your guy. it helps to strengthen your relationship.send good text messages to appreciate.m him.

10.Avoid long courtship When the courtship is too long, there will be tendencies for you and your partner to be living and acting as if you were married already. that may reduce the love he has for you. Don’t start your courtship too early in life, be physically matured, to make good choice, and for the courtship not to be unnecessarily long.Don’t start relationship with anybody who is not physically matured and ready to marry.

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