Before talking about the re relationship fails I think we need to learn about the starting point of every relationship, the four letter world called love.

LOVE is one of the most abused word in the dictionary, each of us has way of defining the four letter word.Many people say love is crazy or mad while other argue otherwise, if we critically observe it, we will conclude that love is spiritual in nature, it stays in the heart and pays no rent, to make it brief you can give any definition to love but clearly know that love strengthens relationship.

Falling in love
Love is an emotion of passion that makes one feel happy, the feeling of love is inexplicable, sometimes,you cannot utter words,sometimes your mind does not work at all, however you choose to have your own world.If you believe you have loved and lost, perish the thought, one who has loved truly can never lose entirely.Love is temperament, its nature is transitory, it comes when pleases and goes without warning, accept and enjoy it while it remains but spend no time worrying about its departure because worry will never bring it back.Also dismiss the thought that love never comes but once, love may come and go times without number, there are no two love experiences which affect one in just the same way, there may be and there usually is, one love experience which leaves a deeper imprint on the heart than all the others, but all love experiences are beneficial except to the person who becomes resentful and cynical when love makes its departure.
imageTrue Love:-True love also know as real love,it comes from the bottom of heart, it makes two people blind, no matter where they go, they cannot see the things happening around them but all they know is to love each other. Sometimes when we truly love, we keep on thinking is it right to fall in love with this person? Our minds work on what we believe in our heart, having no reason for falling in love, that simple meaning of true love.
This is rare in our society today because it has the maxim of “for better for worse”it has no time limit but many people find it very difficult to cope with.

For you my dear readers who are still waiting for the right one and wish to be in a successful matrimonial home, don’t be in a hurry, wait for the right time to fall in love, you love because you feel that way, not you love because you need to, don’t force yourself by listening to others conviction or base it on circumstances.You say, you are over 30 years of age, then what? If you are still single at this age, simply put in your mind that the right one will come at the right time.

Don’t just grab someone from nowhere and force yourself to love the person because you are already almost at the finish line, do you think you are fair? Do not experiment with love.

Now to the topic –     Why Relationship Fails?
imageIf you have been in a relationship that failed, you must have likely sat down afterwards and wondered what went wrong, sometimes it is easy to spot how much of it was the other party’s fault but it is not too easy to look at where you personally went wrong, everybody wants to be the best at what they do, and being the best, you can be for your partner that is no exception.

Before getting into any relationship you need to ask yourself some certain questions:

1.Am I old enough to be in this relationship?

2.Am I matured enough?

3.Do I have the qualities?

These are the questions you need to find answers to before you involve in any love affair.Love is easy to begin but very hard to end.Relationship has to do with age so, if you have not attained the age I advise you to avoid it.

Maturity has to do with how prepare you are, your character and how you relate yourself to opposite sex, if you cannot stay with people and you don’t know how to accept and appreciate people, definitely you are not matured enough for a relationship. Your age does not mean that you are matured enough because love deals with maturity or intellectual capability.

If your answer to the number two question is “NO” what you need to do is to move closer to God Almighty, seek for his wisdom and guidance.The number three question is “Do I the qualities?
These are some of the things you must possess before involve in any relationship.

★.Know how to keep and maintain a clean body appearance does a lot of good to you and your partner and this must be done with available resources.

★.Don’t be impertinence-Respect anybody that comes your way.

★Be intelligent, Observant and Recceptive.

★Be a Loving, Caring and Romantic person.

★Be focused and believe in yourself for the future.

Relationship fail sometimes because of lack of trust between partners and this consequently leads to lack of true love.

These are some principles you need to apply to avoid failure in your relationship.
image1..Be Romantic – Whenever a relationship starts to fail, the lack of romance is one of the first indicators, it is natural for people to get complacent and forget the funny things they used to do when they met each other.

2..Do Not Put Off Things You Have Promised To Do-
Trust is an important part of any relationship and it needs to be developed if you say you are going to do something but you aren’t, then how can your partner rely on you in the future.

3..Do Not Do Things Just To Keep Your Partner Happy How many times have you done something for or to your Partner that you really did not want to do,but just to make him or her happy, how did it make you feel, every time you compromise yourself in that way, the piece of your love for him or her dies.It’s better to explain to him or her that you don’t feel good about certain things and work on an alternative together.

4.Do Not Ask Your Partner To Do Things You Know He or She Doesn’t Want To Do – If you know that your Partner really doesn’t like doing something, and that thing is for you but of no benefit to him or her, then why will you ask him or her to do it? Unless you are being selfish or mean!.

5.Do Not Belittle Your Partner If you spend your time nagging at your Partner, putting he or she down about every little thing he or she does wrong, then how can you expect him or her to do something right?do you want a life partner or puppy.

6.Never Disparage Your-: Whenever you are disparaging yourself, you are basically saying you don’t believe that you are good enough for him or her, then you won’t be.It’s as simple as that.Don’t sit around and beat yourself over past mistakes, that will only prevent you from trying and succeeding at new things tomorrow.

7.Be Open And Receptive To Your Partner Always be opened and receptive to what your partner say, also be opened to new ideas, you never knew what you might learn.

8.Always Be There For Your Partner – Nothing is more important in your life than your Partner, friends come and go, but your partner is with you for the whole journey, if he or she is in trouble or needs you, nothing else matters, other than be there for him or her.

9.Treat Your Partner With Respect It is extremely easy to take someone for granted and once you start to cross that line, it is very difficult to go back. Be careful not to treat your partner worse than you would treat your best friend.

10.Communication Things change in a relationship almost on a daily basis, if you don’t talk to your partner, you could very easily wake-up one day and find out that you have drifted too far apart to bridge the gap.

11.Always Be Honest There is no relationship that will succeed in the long run if it is built on lies, even if your partner never finds out the truth, your conscience and the fact that you know you lied will affect your feelings for yourself and your partner.

If any of these principles is lacking in a relationship the end result could be awful.

I think you must have understood what true love is really all about as its explained earlier in this article or what does it mean to you? Anyway it means a love from the bottom of heart that has no material gain motivation.Yes! I can read your mind opposing that ,its true that no love without motivation be it physical appearance, wealth or any other things.True love motivation is differ, it is spiritual, that is, the spirit that pushes them together for the first time.

I believe that true love is rare nowadays, and that is why relationship fail, poverty also contributed greatly to the failure in relationship because money play vital role in our lives and if a lady has no enough money to maintain herself, she may become a prostitute, that is, if she is not self-satisfied. This type of prostitute is called PMMLT meaning “Poverty Makes Me Like This”If her partner notices this, he may have change of mind on their relationship.
imageProstitution can be simply be defined as a woman who engages in sexual intercourse for payment,prostitutes are not only ladies in brothels or hotels, some are on the street while others in their houses still engage in this kind of this business, some ladies even believe that nothing is wrong with it, according to them “use what you have to get what you want”
For better understanding of this, prostitution can be group into four.

1.African Bastard Prostitutes (ABP)These are African ladies that do have sexual intercourse with animals for payment.

2.Private Part Public Service (PPPS) These are the type of prostitutes that go through agents will help them look for men especially in a party where rich men are in attendance, the agents are paid commission on any one they bring to them.

3.Pay And sex Me These ladies are residents of brothels and men must pay before having fun with them.

4.Poverty Makes Me Like This These are ladies who are induced by friends into the business perhaps due to a specific financial problem and once they get the money needed they may turn over a new leaf, you can find them on the street looking for men to carry them.

The ABP and PPPS happen to ladies from both rich and poor homes while some of them from rich homes are doing it merely for fun ,the PSM and PMMLT happen to ladies from poor homes due to the poverty.

I believe you will agree with me that any lady that is into this kind of business is at great risk of losing her partner or even her life.

You will also agree with me that all the above mentioned points can lead to failure in relationship.


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