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Many a time, we just find ourselves nagging at every little provocation either justified or not. The relationship seems to become a burden and unconsciously, a wedge is drag into a once rosy relationship it may not necessary mean the time to consider a separation rather you could do better by considering yourself, your state of mind, clear the cobwebs and you will be surprised to discover that your partner is not necessary the problem neither is calling it quits is the solution and that beneath that cold surface is a very warm heart waiting for you to shine forth takes a cursory look at some of the questions you need to ask yourself, either the offended or the offender, a through soul searching could be of immense help……………………………

Look at your relationship-

1. What do you enjoy about it, what makes you feel fulfill each day and what are you thankful for? What do you think you could change? Do you feel like you exaggerate the negatives identify three core issues you and your partner face.

2. Have you been emotionally withdrawing from partnership or giving up attempts to make it better? Can you think of some good way to pre-engage? What has your partner proposed lately that might be an attempt to closer to you?.

3. Do either of you get so angry that you result to verbal or physical abuse? If so, what do you think is at the core of the problem? what could you be doing personally to avoid this kind of behavior.

4. Do you hang on to your relationship because you fear being alone? If so, what attempt has made to be complete in yourself and find fulfillment in every aspect of your life?.

5. If you sometimes find yourself frustrated because your partner want change to suit you is that change really necessary?.

6. When your partner criticizes you, do you stick up for yourself? Do you ever find the critiques valid? If not, have you thought about talking to your partner about it?.

7. Do the two of you have fun together? Do you joke about any bad time you may be having in a friendly way? How do you think you could learn to laugh about them or be lighthearted?.

8. Do you avoid conflict? Think about what you feel might happen if you were to confront them. Are you blowing the consequences out of proportion?.

9. Is it possible that you simply need more time alone? Have you thought about adding a weekend on your own every so often to make the heart grow fonder?

10. How happy would you say your life is from a scale of one to ten? How much of that happiness can you attribute to your relationship? If you were to think of five ways to make your union more productive and fulfilling. What would they be?.